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Cellophane™ bags come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from flat bags to heavy-duty bags, each with its advantages in certain applications. Because they are made of cellulose, Cellophane™ bags are also known as cello bags. Working with the right Cellophane™ bag manufacturer helps one greatly if they are unsure of the type of Cellophane™ bag required for their application. They can provide the proper suggestions depending on individual demands. Read More…

Cellophane Bags Cellophane bags are also commonly referred to as cello bags, as they are made from cellulose. These thin, transparent plastic bags are used in a number of applications such as gift bags or occasionally can be used as industrial and commercial packaging.
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Leading Manufacturers

Bensenville, IL  |  800-490-8830

Action Bags is the industry leader in reclosable zip and custom packaging for over 40 years. We stock over 500 different plastic bag styles to meet our customer’s needs across all industries regardless of its use. We are your go-to product experts for any custom bags to incorporate branding, sizes, or product features that you do not see in our stock offering. Contact our excellent customer service or order online with our ecommerce website.

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Fort Wayne, IN  |  800-548-6603

Custom Poly Packaging provides unique, private label or personalized plastic bags. We are primarily a wholesale source for custom plastic bags and flexible packaging.

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Custom Poly Packaging $$$

Sumter, SC  |  800-959-1337

Diversified Plastics & Packaging supplies plastic bags for many industries. We deliver prompt service, competitive prices & unparalleled variety in flexible packaging. Fast quotes, free samples when needed, custom made poly bags and stock items of any color and size. Industrial, textile, medical, small & large flexible packaging markets. Visit our website today.

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Diversified Plastics & Packaging, Inc. $$$

Clifton, NJ  |  800-526-1230

Champion Plastics is an extruder of all bags in every size, gauge and color for any need. Industries served include food, pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial, waste removal, service and retail.

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Champion Plastics $$$

Delaware, OH  |  888-312-6446

We’re NUTS about plastic bags! Buckeye Bag offers incredibly low prices on a wide selection of commercial quantity industrial plastic bags. Order securely from our online stock product catalog or request a fast, custom quote.

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The Buckeye Bag Company $$$

Madison, IN  |  800-720-1215

Plastic bags and sheeting custom made for industrial, retail and promotional applications. Materials include LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, and polypropylene. Custom printing up to 6 colors. manufactures products that include bags on rolls, wickets, cut bags, retail bags and more. Promotional bags are available for trade shows & other events as well as environment friendly biodegradable bags.

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Ontario, CA  |  800-750-2247

For over 20 years, Universal Plastic Bag has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of plastic bags and packaging supplies. We manufacture gusseted bags, food and fish bags, garment bags, reclosable bags, plastic bags, trash can liners, full color process printing on (poly and poly propylene) bags and sheeting, laminated bag and sheeting, vacuum pouches and standup pouches! Whatever your plastic bag requirement, we are prepared to help you today. We use only the highest quality materials!

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Universal Plastic Bag Manufacturing Co. $$$

East Rochester, NY  |  800-770-4906

Connover Packaging is your single source for all of your plastic bag needs. With over 30 years of experience, we are industry experts. Our highly skilled team works alongside our customers through all steps of the process to ensure that our products fit their specifications. Connover Packaging offers a wide selection of a variety of plastic bag styles and customization to ensure all of your needs are met.

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Connover Packaging $$$

Milwaukee, WI  |  800-926-6100

Family-owned for over 75 years, we've been known for our outstanding customer service, a reputation we've earned by always treating customers the way we would like to be treated.

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Cellophane™ bags are suitable for various items ranging from cookies and chocolates to craft projects. Tie with a bow or seal with a heat-sealing machine for a professional look.

Cellophane™ Bags

Design & Customization of Cellophane™ Bags

Cellophane™ bags are available in several sizes, with large Cellophane™ bags being utilized when dealing with larger products or a huge volume of products. In addition, Cellophane™ bags are commonly used for packaging gift items such as huge gift baskets. There are a variety of alternative forms that may be more appropriate for use, and the material can even be altered to be ecologically friendly. These environmentally friendly Cellophane™ bags are biodegradable and have almost no negative environmental impact.

Cellophane™ Bag Properties

  • Cellulose, a material obtained from a sustainable source, is used to create this product.
  • To a large extent, it is air and water-resistant.
  • However, its bacterial and oil permeability is low.
  • Cellophane™ bags meet USDA and FDA approval for food items.
  • The excellent clarity and transparency provide for a good view of the contents.
  • compostable and recyclable
  • It keeps the products fresh for a longer period by preserving them.
Cellophane™ Bag Application

The Benefits of Cellophane™ Bags

Both sides of the material are equally absorbent to inks, adhesives, and tear tapes.

High luster and transparency cello bags feature a crunching sound and a crumpled appearance.

Cellophane™ transparent bags are composed of three layers: PVDC barrier coating, regenerated cellulose, and another layer of PVDC barrier coating.

Cellophane™ packaging is a particularly adaptable and versatile type of packaging that allows producers to change its shape, size, and design to meet the needs of their consumers.

Cellophane™ packaging is a lightweight alternative that does not require much storage space. Cellophane™ packaging is also exceptionally easy to move because it takes up little storage space and has a low carbon footprint during transportation.

Cellophane™ packaging can withstand severe temperatures and does not decompose readily, protecting the integrity of the food or beverage inside. It also guards against moisture, oxygen, dust, light, and odors.

Because Cellophane™ is incredibly robust and resistant to external influences, it can ensure that the product is always well-preserved. This protection, in turn, helps reduce inventory losses and ensures product delivery consistency, improving brand value.

Cellophane™'s high adaptability enables easy reuse and recycling. Companies are now developing specialized plastic bag-producing machines to help enhance plastic recyclability.

This packaging's durability enables producers to print eye-catching, high-quality, unique designs, increasing product visibility in a retail setting.

Cellophane™ packaging is very cost-effective and may be utilized by any industry, regardless of size. This food packaging is particularly advantageous to small-scale product makers since it gives access to standardized packaging alternatives despite limited costs.

As previously stated, Cellophane™ bags are easily recyclable and take less energy than other packaging choices. According to research by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, plastic bags require 40% less energy to create and produce 80% less solid waste than paper. The study also discovered that recycling a pound of plastic requires 91% less energy than recycling a pound of paper.

 Heat Sealed Cellophane™ Bags

Considerations When Choosing a Cellophane™ Bag Manufacturer

Finding the appropriate manufacturer, like anything else, is one of the greatest methods of receiving the desired product. Unfortunately, there are numerous factors to consider when purchasing Cellophane™ bags, including the size, shape, and color. As a result, discuss your specifications and needs with an experienced manufacturer to ensure the best value and quality.

Cellophane™ Bag Uses

These thin, translucent bags are utilized for various purposes, including gift bags and industrial and commercial packaging. For example, candy, pastries, and other food items are frequently packaged in Cellophane™ bags. Flat Cellophane™ bags are ideal for storing, holding, and packaging food items because they keep individual things from one another and their surroundings. This layer of protection helps to retain an item's aesthetic appeal and prevents contamination. Typically, these bags are folded over at the top to form a seal; however, some manufacturers also provide self-sealing versions. When you can stack things on top of each other, a square Cellophane™ bag is used, and the top of the bag is commonly sealed by simply tying a ribbon around it to improve the overall aesthetic.

Choosing the Correct Cellophane™ Bag Supplier

To ensure you have the most constructive outcome when purchasing cellophane™ bags from a cellophane™ bag supplier, it is important to compare several companies using our directory of cellophane™ bag suppliers. Each cellophane™ bag supplier has a business profile page highlighting their areas of experience and capabilities, along with a contact form to directly communicate with the supplier for more information or request a quote. Review each cellophane™ bag business website using our proprietary website previewer to quickly learn what each company specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple cellophane™ bag companies with the same form.

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