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Plastic bags are products utilized in every industrial, commercial and residential context imaginable. With such a wide variety of uses it is no surprise that custom bag creation options are available. Although such an option is not a priority for most residential customers, who can find everything they need at the grocery store or hardware store, some industrial and commercial settings do require specially designed and manufactured plastic bags to suit very specific needs. Because there are so many types of plastic bags, it stands to reason that there are customizing variables for all of them.

Made from polymer resins, which are melted into a liquid state and turned into sheets of film by way of a variety of manufacturing options such as winding, casting, sheet extrusion or blown film extrusion, plastic bags are almost always recyclable. In recent years, biodegradable plastics have also been produced and manufactured. Choosing what type of plastic will be used for a specific plastic bag design is one custom element customers can control. The manufacturing technique also affects the thickness of the film and therefore choosing the method, be it blown film extrusion or sheet extrusion can highly impact the plastic bag outcome.

What the bag will be used for then dictates elements like color, size, print or no print and number of bags produced. If poly bags are being purchased by a manufacturing company packaging items that will be going into stores, then they will want clear plastic bags that are made specially to fit the dimensions of their product and no opening to prevent theft. Medical settings, such as hospitals and doctor’s offices, have very different needs when it comes to plastic bags. Medical plastic bags are needed in a variety of sizes for waste, and patient testing delivery, shipping of vital objects and other reasons as well. Polyethylene bags are common in this field. Regardless of the industry, custom plastic bags are often utilized.

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