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Plastic bags are extremely versatile containers or carriers made of thin and often flexible polymeric films. Used to store, transport, ship and package goods in a number of industrial, commercial and residential applications, baggies such as these prove very useful as they are most often waterproof and provide some degree of protection from the elements. Commonly referred to as poly bags, the containers are constructed of processed polymer resins.

Specific materials for plastic bags abound, but polyethylene bags, polypropylene bags and vinyl bags are among the most popular and find great use as anything from medical plastic bags to plastic shopping bags. Beyond the basic material construction, plastic bags as a grouping may have little else in common due to the extreme variety in not only material choice, but also size, color, shape, closure and style which exhibit extreme variation. The selection often depends on the intended use of the bag. Clear plastic bags, for example, are a popular choice for plastic merchandise bags as they allow consumers to preview items before purchase. Resealable plastic bags and zip lock bags are also purpose driven as they provide users with a reliable closing and the option to reuse and reseal bags for extended use. While many of these factors are determined in manufacturing, post-production options such as printed plastic bags ensure the perfect fit, both functionally and aesthetically, for any application for all industrial, home or commercial locations.

Some Leading Manufacturers

Multi-Pak USA, Inc.

Dacula, GA | 800-229-9950

Here at Multi-Pak USA, Inc. we manufacture a full line of plastic bags for a number of different applications. We put a focus on meeting the needs of our customers and it is our objective to exceed your expectations. Our highly versatile products can be manufactured from a variety of plastics and we strive to work with you every step of the way. Please give one of our representatives a call today if you would like to learn more information.

Custom Poly Packaging

Fort Wayne, IN | 800-548-6603

We have been manufacturing high quality custom plastic bags since 1985. Our experienced teams are available to handle your custom orders and we offer consistent service. We take environmental safety very seriously here at Custom Poly Packaging which is why we offer biodegradable LDPE packaging. If you have any questions about our products or services then please give one of our representatives a call today or visit our website.

Four Star Plastics

Beltsville, MD | 888-999-7961

Four Star Plastics is a reliable manufacturer of many different types of plastic bags and packaging materials. Our company offers same day shipping on all of our stock items. If your desire is to have custom printing then our teams can easily assist your need. We maintain warehouses in several states around the United States. Turn to Four Star Plastics for all of your plastic bags.

Diversified Plastics & Packaging, Inc.

Sumter, SC | 800-959-1337

Diversified Plastics, proudly serving the flexible packaging requirements of our customers for over 25 years! Stock poly solutions shipping from 5 available warehouses. We offer flexible packaging made specific to our customers’ requirements. Poly Bags, poly tubing, poly sheeting, poly liners, poly palletizing covers, etc. Any of which can be custom printed. We get to the point and get the job done on time. Free samples available. 800-959-1337

Profile Films

Wyoming, MI | 616-245-7260

Profile Films is your plastic bag specialist. We have been manufacturing plastic bags for a number of years and we have provided all kinds of industrial and commercial plastic bags for customers all over the world. Whether you need plain or printed bags, we can supply a standard or fully customized poly bag solution for your applications! Contact us today to see how we can serve you!

Rigid, flexible, durable or tear away, plastic bags are a major part of the daily operations of many industrial and commercial outfits. Bags are practical and efficient for storage of parts, components and materials as they provide a safe and consistent barrier against moisture and other environmental contaminants. While some plastics are more susceptible to exposure to the elements, such as heat or UV light, others will last for extended periods of time with little to no change allowing their use in sterile and hermetic packaging of food and medical supplies as well as chemicals and biological materials. Pharmaceutical, retail, storage, sanitation, automotive, construction, electronics and chemical industries likewise take advantage of the many benefits afforded by plastic bags at a relatively low cost as compared to metal containment options. Big industry is not exclusive in its use of plastic bags which are also common household and office space goods. While the context and size may vary, plastic bags serve the same general purpose of storage, convenience and protection.

Rutan Poly Industries, Inc.

Mahwah, NJ | 800-872-1474

We work hard to provide our customers with the highest quality plastic bags on the market. Our solutions are ideal for a number of industries including: agricultural, apparel, automotive, banking, clean rooms, electrical, food processing, medical, transportation and much more. We manufacture over 50,000 different styles of polyethylene bags and we will strive to provide a perfect plastic bag for your application. Please visit our website or give us a call to learn more!

Packateers, Inc.

West Chester, PA | 800-353-4750

Packateers offers a huge variety of stock plastic bags. Our bags are manufactured in many different sizes with diverse sealing methods. We also support custom printing to set your products apart with your own logo or important product information. Our plastic bags are FDA approved, so you can count on us for all of your packaging requirements! Get in touch with us today to discover our full offering of plastic bags!

International Plastics, Inc.

Greenville, SC | 800-820-4722

International Plastics produces a diverse range of plastic bag products. We are equipped to meet the needs of practically any packaging project. We supply stock poly bags for standard applications, and we can also work with our customers to create a customized packaging solution for their unique projects. Your success is our priority, so we guarantee 100% custom satisfaction! Visit our website and give us a call today for your poly bag solutions!

Associated Bag Company

Milwaukee, WI | 800-926-6100

As a family-owned company for more than 75 years, Associated Bag is your source for reliable plastic bag products and services. From zipper bags to bulk bags, we have a quality plastic bag for your applications, and you can expect exceptional service with every order and interaction. Regardless of your packaging needs, we have it all! Check out our website to see our full selection of plastic bags and packaging products, and contact us today!

Although the specifics are not always listed, plastic bags employ a large number of different materials to accommodate the growing needs of the aforementioned applications. The word ‘plastic’ simply refers to the use of materials derived from polymer resins. These are long chains of molecules that consist of several smaller monomers held together by covalent bonds formed during calculated chemical reactions. This general description encompasses a diverse field of precise plastic compositions that may be synthetic, natural or organic. Polyethylene and polypropylene are two specific polymers that are commonly used in the production of plastic bags. Both thermoplastics, they provide the durable yet lightweight high quality bag used in a number of industries. Vinyl bags are another popular option made of the polymer known as polyvinyl chloride. More rugged than polyethylene and polypropylene, this particular type of bag is well suited to harsher applications such as parts storage. Such use also requires a reliable seal, the design of which is most often a secondary step in the manufacturing of plastic bags. Before seams are heat-sealed, stitched or glued in place, the film encasement of the bag is formed through casting, winding, sheet extrusion or blown film extrusion with the latter being the most common. In this process polymer resins are melted into a viscous fluid which is then extruded through a die, producing a tube of plastic. Cool air is forced through the center of the die at uniform pressure to create a bubble of even thickness. Additional treatments may be applied after the material is cooled.

While material and necessary treatments are among the most important concerns to consider before selecting an application specific plastic bag, there are several other factors that come into play. The size of the bag must be suited to its potential use as bags can range from a capacity of several cubic inches to several hundred. The area of the bag is determined by length multiplied by height multiplied by diameter or width. It is important to look at specific dimensions and not just the total volume especially when dealing with irregularly shaped items. The style and closure type should also be considered as well as the overall cost. With increasing concerns for the environment, the recylability of a plastic should also be considered. In the United States alone, four out of five grocery bags used are plastic, but less than 0.5% of such consumer plastic is recycled. Reusable plastic bags made of thicker and recyclable plastics are gaining popularity as is the development of biodegradable polymer films in many applications. The variability of plastic bags gives consumers much to consider prior to use and purchasing, but also ensures that the proper container or carrier will be available no matter the task at hand.

Multi-Pak USA, Inc.

Multi-Pak, USA, Inc.